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Cause of draughty uPVC windows in Weymouth and Portland, and how we can repair them for you..

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

The Window Doctor Weymouth

1# Worn/Damaged/Broken Hinges and Stays

The Window Doctor Weymouth | Worn and Damaged uPVC Window Hinges and Stays

Every day I have customers in Weymouth & Portland contacting me regarding draughty windows, especially this time of year when the temperature is dropping and the central heating goes on and the heat is going through the windows. One of the main causes of draughts around upvc windows in Weymouth and Portland is the hinges or friction stays. These over time can get worn or broken, causing the opening window (the sash) not to shut properly against the seal or gaskets. Causing draughts, noise from outside, dust and dirt ingress and insects and spiders to get inside your home.

The Window Doctor Weymouth | Replacement uPVC Double Glazed Window Hinges and Stays

This problem is easily repaired, we carry spare replacement hinges for every type of window and can replace them with ease, making your window openings air tight again. Free from insects and spiders and clean. You should not do this yourself as window opening with double glazed units in are very heavy and need to be aligned properly. Get an expert......For upvc window hinges and stay repairs in Weymouth and Portland call The Window Doctor.

Kevin - 01305 769227


2# Broken/Rusted/Seized/Worn Locking Mechanisms

Next on my check list would be the locking mechanism, in most case in Weymouth & Portland its rusted locking mechanisms, on windows 10 + years old usually the locking mechanism is so rusty due to living right on the coast with the salty air it has deteriorated so much it completely seized up and needs replacing.

The Window Doctor Weymouth | Brok0en, Seized and Rusted uPVC Window Locking Mechanism

If this isn`t the case and your windows are newer the lock may need adjusting, cleaning & lubricating so the lock engages tight against the window seals and this will prolong the life of the locking mechanism.

Another cause of the locking mechanism failing is the locks gearbox inside the window failing. This means when you go to lock or unlock your window with the handle nothing happens. The handle moves but the locking system doesn`t move with the handle. We would need to replace the gearbox or the locking mechanism in this case. If your window lock feels stiff/notchy or just isn`t smooth call us quickly, as its cheaper and easier to replace the lock when the window can open rather than when the lock fails in the closed position.

The Window Doctor Weymouth | Replacement Locking Mechanism

Once we have removed the old locking mechanism and had a good clean up, we replace the lock with a new lock, most cases we replace with an upgraded locking mechanism which has a high resistance to corrosion, in some cases this is not possible and we will change the lock with a similar type lock.

Once you have your new locking system installed your windows will work like new again and the lock will be smooth and close tight against the windows seals once more.

For upvc window lock repairs in Weymouth and Portland call The Window Doctor.

Kevin - 01305 769227


#3 uPVC Window Seals & Glazing Gaskets

Most windows in Weymouth and Portland especially uPVC windows there is a seal around the edge of the window frame and also around the edge of the sash opening. Check the seal is not damaged by opening the window and looking round the frame and the opening sash. If the window seal looks damaged or shrunk then that needs to be replaced as this will let draughts in and also noise from the outside or even possibily water ingress.

The Window Doctor Weymouth | Replacement Seals & Gaskets

Also check the internal and external glazing gasket/seal against the glass/double glazed units. This often shrinks and will also need replacing. If your glazing gaskets have shrunk in your upvc windows ( double glazing) it will need replacing as this will cause draughty upvc windows and also noise from the outside. This will also lead to failed/condensated/misted double glazed units over time. We can source and carry in stock various types of window seals and gaskets for most types of window systems in Weymouth and Portland.

So if your windows have damaged or shrunken seals/ gaskets in Weymouth and Portland give us a call today on Weymouth 01305 769227


#4 Window Opening Alignment

Another check i would do is to check that the opening casement of the window is aligned square and equal all the way round the four sides of the frame. We often see window opening with gaps in due to the sash ( opening) that has dropped due to poor installation when the windows are glazed. Some windows are that bad you can see daylight through them, and that will certainly cause draughts and noise to enter your home.

We can check this and align the opening correctly to ensure the opening window covers the correct amount all the way around the window frame and thus closes on the window seals correctly.

The Window Doctor Weymouth | Glazing a uPVC Window Correctly

Many windows we see have not been packed correctly and this leads to the opening in the window dropping due to the weight of the glass ( double glazed unit ) this requires us to remove the double glazed units and refit them using the correct size packers to bring the opening (sash) into the correct positon. Glazing a upvc double glazed window requires selecting the correct width and size of packers to support the double glazed unit on both panes of glass in the frame. This is very important, not supporting both panes of glass will lead to the glass stepping and failure of the sealed units.


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