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uPVC Door Repairs Weymouth and Portland

When your door develops a fault it can be repaired usually saving you ££££,  although most double glazing companies in Weymouth and Portland will tell you you need a new door this is not the case.


The Window Doctor Weymouth & Portland can replace seized and broken locking mechanisms, broken upvc door handles, upvc door hinges, letterboxes, catflaps, upvc door panels, weather seals and gaskets and realign dropped doors.

  • Dropped Door Repairs

  • Faulty Door Locks Replaced

  • Damaged Handles Replaced

  • Failed Sealed Units

  • Door Alignments Fixed

  • Draughty Doors Cured

  • Faulty Hinges Replaced

  • Sticking Locks Repaired

  • Worn or Damaged Seals Replaced

uPVC Door Repairs in Weymouth and Portland

Door Repairs

Replacement Front Doors Weymouth and Portland

Sometimes if the door is really old and dated our customers in Weymouth and Portland would perfer a new door for added security and more colour and style. This isn`t a problem as we supply and install new uPVC and Composite Doors if you require a new door.

No Hassle of pressure sales.

We measure up and send you a quote.

No silly prices.

Quality Doors

Professionally Installed

For a FREE uPVC Door Health Check contact us today!

  • Faulty locks

  • Broken and worn hinges

  • New Door Handles

  • uPVC Door Panels replaced

  • Seals & Gaskets replaced

  • Re-sealing work

  • Door Lock upgrades and replacement

  • Key Barrels replaced

  • Damaged and discoloured frames

  • Double Glazed Sealed Units replaced

  • New uPVC & Composite Doors Fitted

  • FREE ‘health check

uPVC Door Lock Repair Weymouth
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